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Chapter 1 - How Tony Got Started 

Chapter 2 -Your Signature of Commitment 

Chapter 3 - Planning and Research

Chapter 4 - Choosing Your Business Name 

Chapter 5 - Apparel Business Models

Chapter 6 - How to Outsource Your Designs 

Chapter 7 - Buying T-Shirts at Wholesale

Chapter 8 - Shipping and Packaging

Chapter 9 - How to Ship Your Products

Chapter 10 - Choosing The Right Heat Press

Bonus Section - Equipment List

Chapter 11 Conclusion and Biz Hack 

Getting into the t-shirt business is exciting, but can scary at the same time. There is so much different types of equipment to choose from.

You know that you are creative and have good ideas for designs. You ready to get the ball rolling on your business and start to look for the piece of equipment that will help you produce your products for your e-commerce site or for your B2B/B2C clients. 

You start to see how expensive some of the equipment is and you are not sure which equipment is right for you. You don't want to make the wrong decision and you definitely don't want to spend a lot of unneeded money either.

No worries..... That is why I wrote the T-Shirt Game E-Book. My book will go in depth about each piece of equipment to help you make the best decision for your business.

Tony Smith has been working in the apparel business for over ten years. The beginning of his apparel business started in freshman year of college at the University of Tennessee where he specialized in contract screen-printing. As his business matured he transitioned into e-commerce stores on the Shopify platform.

Now in 2021, Tony operates a 5,000 SQ FT print shop in Atlanta, GA producing over 500 t-shirts a day for his online ecomm businesses. His most notable brands are HistoricallyBlackApparel.com and LettersGreekApparel.com.

After generating six figures in revenue a month from his apparel business, Tony felt that it was duty to teach and inspire like minded people who are interested in generating income through apparel.


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“I ordered this book because I wasn't sure where to start for my t-shirt business. The book gave me the direction I needed." -Mike N.

The T-Shirt Game E-book was designed to be a blueprint to help people that have just got started in the t-shirt game or are still figuring it out. The knowledge in this book comes from 10 years of experience in a screen-print and ecommerce business. This book will help you decide what apparel business model works best for your business, which equipment is right for you, as well the best vendors and t-shirt options to choose from for your brand. As a bonus I have added the wholesale vendors and equipment list that my company uses daily. - Tony

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“I ordered this e-book for my son and he has started a t-shirt business generating several thousand dollars in his first two months."

“I ordered this for a birthday present and their reaction was priceless!” -
DragonBorn - Customer”

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Will this book help get started selling t-shirts?  Yes! ...

Yes! This ebook was created to help people like yourself get started in the apparel business. The primary focus is t-shirts, but the values in the book apply to all types of apparel. This book will outline the most popular business models for generating income through apparel. 

Is this a physical book or a digital book  Digital ...

This is a digital ebook that will arrive in your email as a successful purchase. The download is instant and will give you several options for viewing. The options include a flipping book format, the option to download, as well as an option to print the book out and use it as a study guide.

Is this site safe and secure for payment processing?    Yes! ...

Yes, our website is built on a Shopify platform, which is the most popular platform for modern day ecommerce transactions. Our site is protected by SSL encryption meaning your private data is safe and secure and never stored. We also allow you to pay with Paypal.

Will this e-book provide me with valuable knowledge? Yes! ...

The T-shirt game written by Tony Smith is a digital ebook that outlines all the most popular business models for generating income through apparel. The book outlines pros and cons of different models. The book also shows you how to outsource your design works. As a bonus Tony Smith has included his wholesale vendor list, equipment list for shipping supplies, heat presses, and more.

I'm not a graphic designer, how will I make my designs? It's Inside! ...

No worries, inside the ebook I have listed how you can get great designs for affordable prices by outsourcing freelancers from several trusted sources I use daily in my business.

T-Shirt Game Book is a product own and 

produced by 7 Figure Fast Track, LLC.

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