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Shopify Video Course Is A SHORTCUT to Start Selling On Shopify. 

This is not a course about “how to get rich”... but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business. Why can I say that?

Because this IS a course about how any and everyone can use the power of Shopify to create a business selling products online!


  • Chapter 1: Where to get your Stores Logo for the Best Price

  • Chapter 2: Finding the Best Shopify Template

  • Chapter 3: Picking your Domain, Does .Com Matter in 2020?!

  • Chapter 4: Best Email Provider For Your Shopify

  • Chapter 5: Best Shopify Settings to Retain Customer Data

  • Chapter 6: Adding Products the Right Way For SEO & Growth

  • Chapter 7: Customers Section

  • Chapter 8: How to Understand The Analytics

  • Chapter 9: Marketing & Discounts

  • Chapter 10: Online Store Settings

  • BONUS: 3 Apps Guaranteed to Increase Store Revenue

  • BONUS: How to Run FB Ads when just starting. 

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Tony Smith has been working in the apparel business for over ten years. The beginning of his apparel business started in freshman year of college at the University of Tennessee where he specialized in contract screen-printing. As his business matured he transitioned into e-commerce stores on the Shopify platform.

Now in 2021, Tony operates a 5,000 SQ FT print shop in Atlanta, GA producing over 500 t-shirts a day for his online ecomm businesses. His most notable brands are and

After generating six figures in revenue a month from his apparel business, Tony felt that it was duty to teach and inspire like minded people who are interested in generating income through apparel.


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  • Bryan Hendricks

    5 days ago

" The T-Shirt Game Is the Real Deal!

As a beginner who is looking to get started in the screen-printing business this e-book helped me understand the different ways to start.

  • Mike Nash

    6 days ago

" I love how the book is formatted and easy to follow.

I am really looking forward to getting my Shopify site started after reading this book. Good work! 

  • Steve Bailey

    10 days ago

" Probably the best ebook about t-shirts

I buy a lot of ebooks and have a Udemy subscription, but this ebook really covers all the fundamentals to learning the t-shirt game.

  • Allison Murray

    3 days ago

" This E-book is a game changer

I was buying my t-shirts locally at Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Michaels before reading this book. Now have a wholesale account my shirts are much cheaper and I have more options.

Will this book help get started selling t-shirts?  Yes! ...

Yes! This ebook was created to help people like yourself get started in the apparel business. The primary focus is t-shirts, but the values in the book apply to all types of apparel. This book will outline the most popular business models for generating income through apparel. 

Is this a physical book or a digital book  Digital ...

This is a digital ebook that will arrive in your email as a successful purchase. The download is instant and will give you several options for viewing. The options include a flipping book format, the option to download, as well as an option to print the book out and use it as a study guide.

Is this site safe and secure for payment processing?    Yes! ...

Yes, our website is built on a Shopify platform, which is the most popular platform for modern day ecommerce transactions. Our site is protected by SSL encryption meaning your private data is safe and secure and never stored. We also allow you to pay with Paypal.

Will this e-book provide me with valuable knowledge? Yes! ...

The T-shirt game written by Tony Smith is a digital ebook that outlines all the most popular business models for generating income through apparel. The book outlines pros and cons of different models. The book also shows you how to outsource your design works. As a bonus Tony Smith has included his wholesale vendor list, equipment list for shipping supplies, heat presses, and more.

I'm not a graphic designer, how will I make my designs? It's Inside! ...

No worries, inside the ebook I have listed how you can get great designs for affordable prices by outsourcing freelancers from several trusted sources I use daily in my business.