We scale Direct to Consumer ecommerce stores and Personal brands that are ready for massive growth.  Our High-Conversion Ad Strategies and marketing Tactics make brands highly Shoppable.

If you're looking to maximize your online marketing results with social Media advertising, schedule your FREE call with our team today to uncover the best strategy for your business.

Types of Challenges We Help Entrepreneurs Solve...

  • My Ad Revenue Decrease Since Apple iOS14 Update.

  • I Want to Grow My Revenue

  • I need help with branding, design, video, content.

  • I don’t have time to focus on marketing.

  • I need help with email marketing.

  • My Shopify Store / Click funnel Needs Updating.

HERE IS our AD process



Nothing worthwhile is built without a proper foundation. Never guess again if your brand lacks the systems it needs to grow or not. Implementing our proven and highly effective systems almost guarantees that you’ll never have to rely on “hope marketing” again.


Whether you like it or not, first impressions are everything. Having creative, yet captivating content is key to catching the attention of your future customers.

Media Buying

Your ads are the lifeblood of your sales process. Pairing persuasive language, with captivating content, and an authentic audience, will compose the purest form of traffic.

Are You Using One Of These Platforms?

We specialize in scaling ecommerce Shopify stores and Click funnels.

In Order to be successful with our advertising program you need to be spending a minimum of $7500+ a month in ad spend. Not to freak out; you will not need to have the
total amount of ad spend up front, 
but as we generate money daily it will need to
be reinvested into your ad account. 

A Client was referred to our agency from a close business friend. The client was upset with their prior ad agency due to several reasons. Those reasons being underperforming ads, lack of communication, and subpar strategy from the agency.


We onboarded the client after our initial strategy call. to the client's benefit, they had been running ads for the past few months, so we had plenty of data to work with. We gained access to their ad account, implemented our tracking software, and immediately started to trim the fat  from the account by pausing underperforming ads, scaling current winning ads. We then implemented new ad creative to lookalike and custom audience. Here are the results from the first 30 days.

$27,809.16 in profit The First 30 Days For One of Our Premier Clients

We were able to quickly achieve these numbers by building custom audiences and look a like audiences from the customers prior ad data.

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I Want to Make Sure I Can Keep You Updated, With What's New!

How do I Know This Will Work For Me?

The best way to find out for sure is to book a consultation with us. Again, we’ve profitably scaled many brands in many various niches and sizes, both low-ticket and high-ticket. But we want to speak with you directly to truly understand if we can bring tremendous value to your brand. This ensures that we both receive a great experience.

Is This Only For Ecommerce Brands?

Yes! We only want to serve the customers we know we can help the most. If you’re an eCommerce brand that’s currently selling through an online store, we’re the strategic partner for you. If not, no problem at all, we’re just not a good fit for each other.

How long before everything goes in motion?

We designed our partnership to specifically cater to your brand and its current stage of growth. With our methodical approach to a successful launch, this would be best determined during our consultation when booked. If you are transferring from another agency or are currently already running ads we can begin maintenance your account right away.

What Makes the Tuned in Tony Agency Different? 

Tony started this agency after growing frustrated with how agencies process new clients like a meat factory with no strategy and minimal communication after onboarding. Tony wanted to create agency that operated as a strategic partner to client's business. When partnering with us, we truly have ‘’skin in the game’’ with your brand, ensuring that your success is our success… literally.

I already run my own ads, how will this be different?

Great question, we have worked with many brands and study new strategies and tactics daily. More importantly we use enterprise level softwares to help us accurately track ad losses and profits sincee iOS 14 update. We also use automations to scale your ads ensuring  ads are not overspending while you or our agency is sleep or away.